Services Offered

Landscape Design

Landscape Design Drawing.Dream Gardens understands how to optimize the use of your exterior environment be it a small in-town cottage or a rambling country estate. We understand that some clients may wish to have their “dream gardens” built in phases, so we customize a solution to fit your budget. Our initial design consultation is free of charge! At this principal meeting we do a “walk-through” of your property and interview you on what you want to achieve. We show you examples of our design approach utilizing detailed hand drawn facade studies showing you how your garden will look in two dimensions rather than just on a flat plan…


landscape garden imageWhile we are not the typical Maintenance Landscapers that cut your grass, trim hedges, and pick up leaves on a regular basis we do provide the following services:

  • Seasonal Clean-up of perennial beds – also division and replanting of some perennials
  • Seasonal Clean-up and replanting of annuals / Color for the seasons Ex: Pansies – Winter Petunias – for the Summer, etc…
  • Fertilizing beds with organic fertilizers / slow or fast release
  • Light pruning / Shaping of shrubs
  • Organic pesticides – Ex: Neem on Roses
  • Preparation of beds for planting
  • Mulching beds with wood mulch, pine bark nuggets or
    pine straw


Horticulture Work in the Chattanooga AreaThe Metro-Chattanooga area lies “horticulturally” in Zone 6b-7a giving us a huge palette of plants/trees to work with! Unfortunately many local firms tend to use the same old plants over and over again. We try to break out of this rut by exposing our clients the best and most attractive alternatives available for their designs by using unique varieties whenever possible. We also try to expose our clients to the most up to date horticultural alternatives such as no-maintenance Roses, ever blooming Azaleas and Hydrangeas. But we never omit “heirloom” favorites.Structure in your garden is an extremely important element which requires a delicate combination of evergreens and hardscape. Without “structure” your garden will appear weak and sad in the Winter months. We hope to create a design that offers structure, texture and color all year long. This does not only have to be a dream in our relatively mild climate. Once your garden has structure it can only benefit from flower color which perennials and annuals can certainly add. Perennials are the wonderful “work horse” plants that bloom, then sleep in winter and come back again year after year in the spring. Many are very long lived heirlooms such as the Peony. Annuals give an unequaled boost of color but only for a single season before they go to seed and die at first frost. Annuals are very effective as bedding plants should be changed out frequently and can keep homeowners constantly entertained with their changing colors and forms.

Specialized Landscape Garden Types

There are many different types of gardens ranging from very elegant and formal to informal cottage to contemporary/modern.
We aim to create whatever goes best with your architectural elements and lifestyle needs. Don’t worry if you have little sun..
We can create exquisite shade gardens. If your soil is rocky or topography unusual… We guarantee that there is a garden style that is suitable for that particular area. If you have enough sunlight and love antique Roses, if you collect Camellias or Hydrangeas… We can create the perfect setting for those type of collections showing them off to their best advantage.

Gardens For Wildlife

Butterfly Garden PhotographEven if you have limited acreage and don’t back-up to a forest, field, or creek, you can feed birds and small native wildlife by simply choosing the correct plants in your landscape design! We can help you choose heavy berrying plants for winter food and host plants/nectaring plants for native butterflies and beneficial insects. We can create a spectacular “Native Garden” for you that will look good all year long and help sustain wildlife!

Drought Tolerant Planting (Xeriscaping)

Don’t worry about drought conditions, our Georgia neighbors. There’s a whole world of Mediterranean and Native American plants that thrive on sun and arid conditions. You will still want a drip irrigation system and initial watering if possible… but these tough plants can actually thrive on rain water alone. Let us design your drought tolerant oasis.


Picture of Decorative Wedding Flowers and Plants.Let us help design your perfect wedding décor with live plant arrangements (ex: table hydrangeas) and/or beautiful cut flower arrangements for the table centerpieces, bouquets or anything plant related you may need on your special day! We can upgrade these packages and create a setting as elaborate as you require including living potted centerpieces for the dinner tables – matching of color blooms to color theme of wedding – use of elaborate /larger topiary etc…

  • Based on a free estimate
  • Average weddings require that you give us 1 month notice.
  • More elaborate weddings require several months of notice.

Parties, Galas, Holiday Decor

Be it a theme party or seasonal decorations (Christmas/Valentines), we can create a stunning display for your home or office party that will impress! – at least 2 weeks notice please… We have access to the same cut flower wholesalers all the big florist use…so tell us your favorites and we can find them!!


Artistic Services

house portrait

Scott is an accomplished artist as well as designer. The two skills seem to go hand in hand. He has shown his artwork in galleries in Atlanta, Charleston, Savannah, and Lake Oconee to name a few places… He has also won several awards and has taught classes at The Atlanta College of Art and Chattanooga State. The State Botanical Garden of Georgia has many of his original murals as does Wonderland Gardens in Decatur, Ga. of famous American horticulturist George Washington Carver for their continuing display. You may commission him to create original home/garden portraits, illustrated landscape plans, pet portraits, illustrated house prayers, wedding contracts, etc… in Pen & Ink and/or Watercolors on Arches brand fine French paper. This would make the perfect unique gift for the person who seems to have it all and who loves architecture, gardens and animals!

Dream Gardens and Landscaping in Chattanooga Tennessee