Late Winter to Early Spring

Late Winter Early Spring Chattanooga Gardening

This is your last chance to get your shrubs and trees planted before the hot weather arrives. Of course, there is no substitute for good drip irrigation on your prized garden plantings, but for the “brave of heart” who insist on hand watering…. this is the time to get the larger rooted items in the ground to give them the best start.

Late Winter  – 

This has been a very colorful late Winter season with Hellebores, Camellias, and Asiatic Magnoliasadding brilliance to an otherwise drab season.

Early Spring  – 

This is the time for some bulbs and ephemerals to shine before they are shaded out by the new leaves on the newly wakening trees. This is the time our natives really take center stage in the stalwarts of the Redbuds, Dogwood, and Pinxter type blooming Azaleas! However, don’t forget landscaping always looks forward to the next season. Where will your Summer color come from? Where is your structure in the garden? Winter just showed us where we could use more evergreen in our designs. It showed us where the weak spots really were hiding.

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