Fine Gardening Maintenance for Our Clients

Basic Clean Ups / for Existing Clients


Before one can begin a Maintenance Plan, a garden needs to be in a state of basic order. If your garden is “out of control,” we can visit you for a free evaluation and come up with an estimate to whip it back into shape. This may include: weeding, spraying (Organic vs. Chemical), Weed Barriers, Edgings, Pruning, etc.  Maintenance begins after stability.

Maintenance Plans / for Existing Clients

  • Plans Include:

  • a) Maintenance Weeding, Pulling, and Spraying (Organic vs. Chemical).
    b) Light Pruning (Shaping shrubs, smaller trees and perennials – Not large hedges).
    c) Clean-up of Spent Foliage on Perennials and Annuals, Deadheading Spent Blooms.
    d) Dividing and replanting mature perennials if possible.
    e) Staking perennials and/or newly planted trees.
    f) Fertilizing with Organic methods.
    g) Using Organic Pesticide methods.
    h) Leaf Blowing when needed.
  • Extras:

  • Mulching or Re-mulching (Cost of Mulch and Labor)
    Pruning– Large and/or multiple Crape Myrtles, Hedges,  Large Japanese Maples, etc.
  • Frequency Choices

  • Monthly – (every 4 weeks)
    Quarterly – (every 3 months)

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